RATING: [D-|👎]

The sounds of critics and movie goers alike singing the praises of this movie can only be summed up using one word: mute. I, like many others had high hopes for this with a potentially great cast of Alexander Skarsgård (Melancholia) and Paul Rudd (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) and a fairly new director Duncan Jones. Those hopes were left unfufilled.

Skarsgård plays a highly insecure mute bartender who essentially runs amok looking for his girlfriend who has gone missing. Just when you think (and are praying) that the movie is over, it turns down a very weird path that hammers the final nail in the coffin of this bore of a movie. Oh, and if Americans were not already perceived as stupid/ignorant people (they are, I have spoken with people from all over the world), Rudd even makes it worse as one of the only Americans in the film. A loud mouth know-it-all that is a very unpleasant person throughout the entire movie. This should be taken off of your Netflix List and a thumbs down should be added on it, and you should seek out Duncan’s other film called Source Code, or even better his 2009 film, Moon. His films have progressively gotten worse.

Guardian writer Charles Bramesco gives us a little insight as to why his career may have taken a turn for the worse right now.

“…But sometime in the five-year hiatus prior to 2016’s Warcraft, a difficult period marked by his wife’s battle with cancer and his father’s death, he strayed from the path. His adaptation of the popular online fantasy game was to be Jones’ graduation into the uppermost echelon of big-league film-making, but it was savaged by critics and ate dirt at the US box office.”

Bramesco’s title to his article is a perfect summary of the film: “Duncan Jones’s sic-fi thriller is a Netflix disaster”

This title originally aired February 23rd on Netflix and is still available if you care to watch it (although you shouldn’t).


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