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6 Balloons

“tell yourself you can choose”

A short, but poignant look into the peril of addiction crossed over into the familial sense of responsibility that comes with drowning. 6 Balloons, from Marja-Lewis Ryan, features the devastating impact that human nature is forced to confront when order faces disorder, coupled with the necessary decisions that come with the process of healing. Reminiscent of the film Short Term 12, this early installment from Ryan does the job in drawing the audience into a sense of unease and concern–especially in the throes of a father-daughter relationship held tightly in the protective custody of the films direction.

While the film is far too short for the meaningful impact that other like-minded films on addiction have (e.g. Requiem for a Dream, Shame), it does a fine job in what its given; developing the semblance of a relationship between the (well-casted) siblings (Abbi Jacobson, Dave Franco), the fine film editing by Brian Scofield, and the well-crafted writing/directing.

While nothing terribly memorable, the film showcases a talent worth noticing. In the words of Gary Goldstein (LA Times): “a compliment to first-time feature writer-director Marja-Lewis Ryan that we want more of what she has to offer.”



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