Ocean’s 8


This one has been so hard for me to even get started writing, let me begin by apologizing to the people who went and saw it without first reading this review. In short, I could have used one more boesky, a jim brown, a miss daisy, two jethros and a leon spinks, not to mention the biggest ella fitzgerald ever.

Let me start with the girls. The girls themselves did not do bad. The dichotomy between Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett was playful and sort of witty. Rihanna did very well, and my girl Dakota (Man on Fire) even showed up! The wittiness, or lack thereof, was more of a problem with the writing, which I will discuss later. Anne Hathaway was the worst of the bunch, trying to be cool and play her little double agent part, but that’s as far as it got . . . trying.

The writing was the worst I have seen in a while, lacking the cleverness of the Oceans trilogy from Soderbergh and weaving through the storyline like some sophomore vocals. One can only guess how two weeks ago on IMDb News, this movie ranked in some of the best films of 2018 so far (a hum! Pandering). Can the non-pandering critic, please stand up?

The viewer will get a little comic relief in the last 15 minutes (odd coming from a comedy) with James Corden, but that is all. There are movies we tell you to go see, and there are movies we tell you to wait for the DVD, and this one is neither. This one makes our “must miss” list.



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