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Oh Lucy!

The title says it all.

This mildly amusing comedy-drama follows the life of sweet Lucy (Shinobu Terjima) — the perpetually single and on the brink of jumping on those same tracks taken by Japanese commuters on an all too familiar basis. For the time being, Lucy turns her attention into falling in love with the American english teacher in Japan (Josh Hartnett), follows him to America with her sister to find her niece (side project), and finds herself (surprisingly) largely dismissed after paying for his rent and engaging in a rather awkward display of impromptu “love-making” inside a tiny car. She returns to Japan, quits her job, but finds another (convenient romcom trope) human savior.

The development is rash and fickle — seemingly painting the grim reality of Japan, while showing the hope of breaking through the monotony by impulse. The story itself lacking a seriousness that could have been developed had Atsuko Hirayanagi made a darker comedy instead of the lost in translation effort where the characters can’t speak the other’s langauge and yet find themselves more than able to understand each other. The sad state of existence driving people to take baths on railroad tracks is the most poignant moment, which explains Lucy’s instant taking to the American and her niece’s youthful  yet destructive impulsiveness when she senses loss.

There’s not much to hate about the film — not much to love either.

The critics appear largely indifferent to this film given how little attention its received despite a perfect (100%) rating.


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